BAD-BOOKS is the indie publishing label created by Will Brenton as a home for all his books, which range from adventure series like

'Re-Evolution' to chapter books like 'The Partially Invisible Boy' and comedies like 'Farty Arty' - all soon to be released.

'The reason I love indie publishing is access to my audience. It's why I love live shows as you can see peoples reaction right there, as the show unfolds. I'm keen for my readers to feed back so I can keep creating new stories and writing for readers who can feel more connected to the creative process. I’d like readers to write to me with what they like and don’t like, what they’d like to see more of and what they think would make the books better. 

There's a whole range of books coming through over the next few months - so make sure you are on the list for special offers, free books and his 'Behind the Scenes' blog which shares stories from behind the scenes on shows like 'The Tweenies' and 'Doctor Who Live' along with writing tips and a casual diary of his self-publishing journey.

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