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What books would you like to read? Where should they be set? Who might the characters be? We want to hear from you and get to know what you'd like to read - and then try and make it happen! 

Send us an email here - tell me what could make books better and what puts you off... are books boring? - Should they be funny? Rude? Exciting? Scary? Here at "Bad-Books' we're keen to find out what you're reading - and how it could be better! Better still, subscribe and get a free printable activity pack! 

BAD-BOOKS is the indie publishing label set up by Will Brenton, co-creator of 'The Tweenies', with a view to creating a brand new type of publisher. Publishing a book takes ages - but by doing it all online we can listen to what you think, and put it into action much, much sooner. Will says:

'The reason I am indie publishing is access to my audience. It's why I love live shows; you can see peoples reactions right there, as the show unfolds. I'm keen for my readers to feed back so I can keep creating new stories and writing for readers who can feel more connected to the creative process. I’d like readers to write to me with what they like and don’t like, what they’d like to see more of and what they think would make the books better.'

Tell us what you think... 

Go on- Get into our Bad Books!

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