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BK.2 EXONTOS - The Mighty Stone Crusher!


In this second adventure in the Dino Dimension, Jem, Cat and Cain find themselves in search of the invincible Exontos, creatures so strong they can crush boulders with their bare hands. Can they survive the trip across the great desert, or climb the wall of giant boulders that separates them?

And even if they do will King Tyrone return the Multiverse Connector to them so they can find their way back home?

BK.3 DAKA! Brutal Scourge of the Seas!


The third quest takes our heroes to the dying home of Daka, a mighty sea creature, trapped in a land-locked pool away from her family. Will her desire for revenge mean the end of our brave cadets? Can they fight off the swarm of four-clawed crabs that protect the beach?

And will King Tyrone ever believe their Multiverse Connector is not a weapon when he nearly sets his palace on fire by playing with it?

BK.4 BARBARRUS! The King's Assassin.


King Tyrone is suspicious - how do these feeble humans keep defeating such mighty creatures? He decides to find out by sending along one of his most trusted, and most blood-thirsty soldiers, Barbarrus, a war-torn tri-horned assassin wearing the scars of battle proudly across his body.

Jem, Cat and Cain have no choice but to proceed under Barbarrus' watchful eye...  but nothing prepares them to face the challenger they meet amongst the sabre-toothed Cat People...

BK.5 GIGANTITAN!  The Lost Continent.


King Tyrone is distraught at the death of his most trusted warrior, Barbarrus.  However, he daren't simply crush Jem, Cat and Cain, as he needs the spectacle of defeating them in the Pit. 

He sends them off on one last mission, to the mightiest of all the creatures on Tyros, the Gigantitan. Rumoured to live beyond the Wall of Bones in the Lost Continent, Tyros is rife with stories of the dreadful beasts that live there. Not only that, now Skeet must go too. Perhaps King Tyrone is hoping the Gigantitan will do the job he daren't and kill these disruptive humans...

BK.6 DEATH IN THE PIT!  The Final Fight


After Cain persuades Jem and Cat to try an attempt at stealing the Multiverse Connector back from King Tyrone, their capture can mean only one thing, a final battle with the King in the Pit, the dark coliseum at the centre of Tyros, the place where all of the King's enemies are sent to face certain death.

As the battle nears, the Alliance tries one last time to rebel and liberate Tyros... Can Jem not only help free the land but find a way to get the wormhole generator back and get home?

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