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Check in here from time to time to get the latest updates about what's happening, what's people are saying and the new releases soon to be coming up!


Nerves set in... the launch date is...


There has been SOOOOOO much work getting everything to this point! But it seems we are finally here, picking the official date everything goes live sand the books are launched! The books are written, the illustrations done, the books formatted again and again and again... uploaded again and again and again and finally we can say the launch date is..... 


World Book Day! 4.3.21


Watch out for the e-mails and the ads! 



The Proofs have arrived!
In any book launch any author will tell you one of the most exciting moments is the proofs arriving. A proof is the first printed books off the press, there to check that everything is right... Wanna see them?... check these out!..

Series 2 already being written!...

Check out the plans for the second series here on my blackboard... well I say board, I mean wall... and yes there is a door handle in there somewhere... and that's because that's the door to the loo!

If you've got sharp eyes you'll get an idea what the next series is about, and who some of the monsters are.... look out for the teasers later in the year...

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